Mucha Lucha Robots: The Ultimate Championship
Branding, Packaging, Sales
Sales leave behind created for digital experience design studio, Surprise Media.  Surprise Media is an experiential design firm based in Mexico City. They are proud of their Mexican culture but are planning on growing their business into the United States. This leave behind takes the place of a traditional business card and is provided to prospective clients. Tasked by UX designer, Rolf Nelson, with loose instruction other than size restrictions of 5in x 5in x 5in, I created a strong, interactive, marketing tool that blended the culture of Surprise Media with familiarity that would be recognized in the States. Luchador arena engineered and 3D printed out of plastic. 
Robots are hand painted to represent luchadores. They come with a paper scoreboard and are fully functional and interactive so two users can fight one another! 

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